What does the Comfort Motion Global software do?

CMG's software automates subtle changes in the seat position while traveling. These subtle movements relieve pressure points, reducing lower back pain and stiffness while greatly improving driver comfort.

How does Vehicle Seat Multi-Position Software Technology work?

You manually adjust the seat to get your ideal home position. Next, all you have to do to activate CMG technology is sit back and enjoy. You arrive at your destination feeling more refreshed and relaxed, it's that easy.

How often does the seat change positions?

On a typical 300-mile trip, traveling at 60 mph, your seat will make 100 subtle adjustments - or about one every three minutes.

How safe is Vehicle Seat Multi-Position Software Technology?

The driver's relationship to the brake pedal, clutch, or accelerator never changes. In fact, a study of 144 test subjects demonstrated that all "drivers" could reach the steering wheel comfortably and had full view of the side and rearview mirrors throughout the entire cycle.

Does the Software Technology require any extra hardware?

No, the only hardware needed is already in place in all vehicles with memory seats.