Tests to determine reclining ranges that provide both comfort and safe vehicle operation were performed at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology. These tests included subjects of varying heights and preferred seating positions. The results concluded that a seat could recline 10 degrees from the subject's "home" position before any difficulty reaching the steering wheel or pedals or viewing the rear/side view mirrors occurred. Our algorithm never moves more than two degrees from the driver's home position.

Safe and Simple

Safety was our utmost concern during the development of the Comfort Motion Global Multiple Seat Position Software, especially within the Concept Initiation Phase. Our focus on safety and ease of operation are two important factors in ensuring our commercial success.

Seating Position and Posture

Prior to the Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology testing (which included 144 subjects), Comfort Motion also conducted additional research to establish "correct seating posture" and "safe seating positions." Industry resources including NRMA Insurance and Advanced Motorist Drive Magazine were utilized; their guidelines for both correct posture and safe seating were always considered throughout our study.

Forward Vision

Rose-Hulman data concluded that at no time during the running of the algorithm was the driver's forward vision compromised in relationship to the "home" stationary position.

Rear View Mirror Vision

Rose-Hulman data concluded that the driver maintains complete rear viewing from the two outside mirrors and the rear view mirror while the algorithm is active comparable to when the seat is in the "home" or stationary position.

Pedals Location

Rose-Hulman data concluded that the driver's relationship to the accelerator, brake, and clutch pedals is not compromised while the algorithm is active.

Seat Belt Safety

Rose-Hulman data concluded that the driver maintains the same degree of safety in relationship to the seat belts while the algorithm is active.

Braking Pause Mode

CMG's patented software automatically pauses during braking and automatically resumes operation following a brief delay.