Dr. Phipps working with RHV
  Comfort Motion's first prototype testing setup
CMG Software's first prototype testing

The Technology of Comfort and Safety

Our proprietary algorithm is implemented on the memory seat control module. If this seems like a standard approach to remedy backaches and pains from riding in a car, it's not.

Unlike existing seat comfort "solutions" that require expensive hardware while still not solving the root problem of seat discomfort our innovative, biomechanical algorithm requires no new equipment as it was designed to use existing hardware found inside automobiles of all makes. That is what makes it unique.

To provide the user the best possible experience in a seat equipped with the Comfort Motion™ algorithm it:

  • Never moves the user outside a safe position relative the pedals, mirrors, and steering wheel
  • Moves the seat at the slowest possible speed, keeping motions as subtle as possible
  • Pauses whenever the vehicle is braking, resuming after a short delay
  • Returns the seat to its starting position when the algorithm or vehicle is turned off
  • Can be integrated with any existing seat hardware such as a heating and cooling module
  • Can be end user modifiable (e.g. shift sizes, actuators used, timing) at the OEM's / seat manufacturer's discretion
  • Can automatically modify itself based on driving conditions
  • Remembers a user's preferences between sessions

For more information on what makes CMG unique from a technical aspect, look at our Patents page.