Christopher Meyer
Chief Product Engineer
B.S. Computer Engineering, Rose-Hulman
Institute of Technoogy
M.S Engineering Management, Rose-Hulman
Institute of Technology

My favorite part of CMG’s Healthy Seating Technology™ is that through our algorithm and existing seat electronics, we can positively affect the occupant’s day and long-term wellbeing.


Christopher’s journey with CMG began during his tenure as an intern at Rose-Hulman Ventures, where he crafted the company’s inaugural motion seating prototype while pursuing his master’s degree. His dedication and innovative prowess led to a seamless transition into a full-time role at CMG, where he ascended to lead the engineering team as the product engineer.

At the helm of CMG’s engineering department, Christopher orchestrates the development of both the software and hardware components critical to the company’s motion seating technology. Under his guidance, his team has successfully developed and refined the motion seating algorithm, alongside crafting sophisticated software for embedded systems and designing an iPad application to demonstrate the algorithm’s versatility and configurability.

Christopher thrives on the dynamic challenges inherent in extending the functionality of diverse seating platforms and seamlessly integrating them into various environments. His passion lies in the problem-solving journey and the innovative breakthroughs that enhance product efficacy and user experience.

Central to Christopher’s professional ethos is his belief in the transformative impact of CMG’s Healthy Seating Technology™ on individuals’ daily comfort and long-term health. He takes pride in the technology’s role in improving quality of life, summing up his motivation with the poignant reflection, “In our specific way, we are making people’s lives better,” highlighting his commitment to making a significant and positive difference in people’s wellbeing through his work.