Demystifying the tech behind CMG’s Healthy Motion Seating™ technology

CMG’s proprietary Healthy Motion Seating™ technology is an industry first, so it might not be clear to everyone why our solution is scientifically and intuitively “good for you”. Using the motors and controller already present in your seat, the algorithm redistributes your body weight through a series of small, subtle motions. In short, the seat fidgets for you. We preempt the tissue fatigue normally associated with prolonged or repetitive sitting.

It’s simple, motion matters. Healthy Motion Seating™ is a powerful, proactive solution for back fatigue and discomfort while providing the safety benefits of improved driver alertness.

CMG helps vehicle manufacturers and airlines develop motion algorithms that maximize the health and safety benefits for their customers. Seat back and cushion tilt motions are the primary focus when designing a motion algorithm. Depending on the seat’s features, the lumbar support, bolsters, massage, and even heating and cooling may become part of the experience.

Specific algorithms can be designed for various situations. Adjusting the time between motions or speed of specific motions can make an algorithm that soothes or invigorates. In the automotive and commercial vehicle sectors, there could be a highway and city-specific algorithm. In aerospace a soothing algorithm could be used when watching the in-flight entertainment and an invigorating algorithm could be triggered prior to the final descent to wake up travelers after a long flight.

Always conscious of safety, motion pauses during critical events. On the ground this includes braking and additional triggers like traction control or turning of the steering wheel can be added. In the air, this could be during taxi, take off, and landing.


Reduces occupant discomfort

Enhances seating ergonomics, leading to less tissue fatigue and a more comfortable experience.

Reduces Muscular Stress

Actively prevents muscle stress by constantly migrating fatiguing load from one tissue to the next.

Improves Circulation to the Legs and Feet

Enhances lower limb blood flow, reducing the risk of swelling, clotting and vascular issues.

Relives Pressure Points

The seat micromovements constantly shift the pressure points, relieving the discomfort associated with static sitting.


Increases Driver Alertness

University studies show an increase in driver alertness and reaction time, improving safety on the road.

Reduces Mental Fatigue

Lessens cognitive drain, enabling better focus and decision-making.

University Tested, Scientifically Proven Benefits

  • Improved driver alertness and reaction time
  • Reduced discomfort
  • Improved blood flow to legs and feet
  • Reduced fatigue in lower back muscles

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Chief Executive Officer

Lew D Derrickson

Chief Medical Officer/Director of Research and Development

Dr. Paul Phipps

Chief Product Engineer

Christopher Meyer

Chief Commercialization Officer

Thomas K. Shine

Commercialization Partner

Niki Turner

Aviation Sector – Business Development

Jeffrey A. Calkins

Aviation Sector – Business Development

Amy-Ruth Hallett

Business Development Europe

Martin Wolf

Business Development Europe

Cem Korkmaz

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