Niki Turner
Commercialization Partner

Having suffered from a bad back for years I was intrigued by the proposition of working with a company whose technology can alleviate discomfort and increase alertness whilst travelling. The CMG product does exactly what it says on the tin. I am passionate about bringing to the wider public a product that benefits the health and well being of the driver and its passengers.


Niki Turner, with a storied 25-year career, stands out as one of the UK’s most esteemed marketeers and brand architects, renowned for her strategic prowess and innovative marketing techniques. Her portfolio boasts collaborations with globally recognized entities, most notably managing the commercial interests of the Beckhams and the iconic James Bond Franchise, showcasing her ability to navigate high-profile and high-stakes environments.

At CMG, Niki leverages her extensive experience and keen market insights to identify key potential clients who could significantly benefit from the company’s technology. Her strategic approach is not just about targeting; it’s about integrating CMG into the broader market landscape in a meaningful way. She orchestrates marketing platforms and initiatives that not only highlight CMG’s technological advancements but also position them prominently among other industry leaders, facilitating engagements that transcend traditional marketing boundaries.

Niki’s role at CMG is pivotal in driving the company’s market penetration and brand recognition. Her expertise in crafting compelling narratives and creating synergistic partnerships enriches CMG’s market approach, ensuring the technology reaches the right audience while also establishing CMG as a thought leader in its sector. Her work is instrumental in broadening the technology’s impact, fostering its integration across various industries, and enhancing its visibility in the global market.