Thomas K. Shine
Chief Commercialization Officer
BS Business Management, Indiana University
Masters, Business & Education, Indiana University

CMG has developed a product that clearly does exactly what it says it does. It enhances the health of the driver and passenger(s) in the car, truck, and/or plane, while elevating their alertness. The great aspect of this product is that it is simple, it’s understandable, and it works.


Thomas is a distinguished figure in the sports apparel industry, having founded Logo Athletic, which became America’s largest sports licensed apparel and headwear company. His career trajectory continued to soar as he took on executive roles, becoming the Senior Vice President of Sports Marketing and Entertainment at Reebok and Adidas, and later serving as the Senior Vice President of Sports Entertainment at XIX Entertainment.

With a keen eye for market dynamics and a deep understanding of branding and consumer engagement, Thomas now leads the strategic initiative to identify and engage potential customers for CMG’s patented technology. He plays a pivotal role in showcasing the technology to key decision-makers within large original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and influential figures in the industry, thus facilitating its adoption and integration into various markets.

Thomas is a strong advocate for CMG’s product, praising its ability to deliver on its promises by enhancing the health and alertness of individuals in automotive, trucking, and aerospace environments. He values the product’s simplicity, transparency, and effectiveness, highlighting these as core attributes that make it not only innovative but also accessible and practical for users.

His belief in the product’s tangible benefits is rooted in a career dedicated to improving consumer experiences through strategic marketing and product development. Thomas views CMG’s technology as a game-changer in the industry, emphasizing its potential to significantly improve the well-being of drivers and passengers alike.