Comfort Motion Technologies (CMT) is in the business of the research, design and development of software that enhances people’s lifestyles. CMT has developed a new software package which is used in their Vehicle Seat Multi-Position technology that enhances the ergonomic value and function of existing power seat platforms for the transportation industry. Using proven, proprietary research and design based on the biomechanics of the human spine, CMT makes your total driving experience more comfortable and enjoyable. CMT software does it without changing any of the major vehicle components, including existing power seat platforms.

The CMT software automates subtle changes in the seat position while traveling, relieving pressure points, reducing tissue fatigue and improving circulation to the areas most affected by the negative effects of sitting. Through proprietary algorithms CMT’s software accomplishes all this while maintaining driver safety and improving comfort.

Our customers are both OEM’s and Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers to the transportation industry that will integrate this ergonomically based software into seat assemblies.

“Poor back support is cited as the #1 automotive seat issue, and it’s the #5 top issue that the automotive industry faces overall.”  – Johnson Controls Inc.

Comfort Motion Technologies' seat motion software offers a simple and cost effective solution.

According to industry studies, lower back pain affects up to 70% of adults, with annual medical costs in the United States exceeding $50 billion. Manufacturers who provide ergonomic design elements that address drivers’ needs for comfort and convenience — especially with seating systems — can set themselves apart from their competitors. LEAR

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